Sunderland Winter Gardens

July 7th, 2015

avatar L Clark
Published in Year 3

Year 3 had a wonderful day at the Sunderland Winter Gardens.First we looked around the fabulous gardens and drew some of the plants and leaves that are found in the rainforest, including a banana plant.Then we painted some of our fantastic drawings.

 After lunch we had a walk around Mowbray Park and played on the play area.

Then we looked around the museum and saw lots of different animals.

 The children had a lovely time and got to bring back some of the leaves from the trees.

 The day after the children wrote a recount of the day.


 ‘I loved the banana plant. It was bigger than me!’ – Stephen

‘ I think it was incredibly fun when we went up to the museum’ – Alix

‘ I really enjoyed going to the park, as we saw the lovely flowers and Mr Pease let us play on the play park!’ – Kieron

‘I thought it was very interesting when we saw all the animals in the museum’ – Summer

‘ I couldn’t believe how big the rainforest leaves were in real life!’ – Kasey-Leigh

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