Centre for Life with Years 4 & 5

December 7th, 2015

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Year 4’s Account of their School Trip

We went to the Centre for Life on the bus.  While we were on the bus, we had a bumpy ride.   At the back of the bus, it had a cool black curtain. When we got there we were so excited because we saw Mario on the window.

When we got inside, we had to put our stuff away.  The first thing we did was put our stuff in a beautiful blue basket.  When we arrived, we went in the workshop to do Ancient Egypt.  Surprisingly, we found ourselves making a mummified vulture.  It was really fun because we had to get a puppet then wrap it all in plain white bandages.  Then, we put salt on chicken to see if it had lost any grams.  This is how the Egyptians dehydrated bodies.

After that, we played on the exciting video games with a variety of controls in the Game On exhibition. We played some games like Tetris.  Minecraft and Mario were the newest games.  There was loud music which we found really interesting.

At lunch, we munched our pack lunches.  We got to pick who we sat next to.

We watched Happy Feet in the 4D Motion room.  Before we entered the 4D Motion Ride, our hearts were pounding like giant drums.   The film was really cool, but I thought it was going to be really scary.  We got soaked with freezing cold water as well as black smoke which shot out of tubes.

Next we rushed to the Planetarium as we were late.  Then, we watched a movie.  The movie was about space and the planetarium looked like a moon.  We sat on red, comfy chairs.  They were the comfiest seats we had ever sat on.  It looked like we were moving.

Finally, we watched a movie of space stuff.  Then, we came back to our humongous school.  We put our woolly gloves and snuggly coats on.  It was a long journey back.

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