Structure and Remitt of Ivy Road Governing Body

School governors are people who want to make a positive contribution to children’s education. They come from all sections of the community and all walks of life. Some governors are elected by parents and staff, some are appointed by the Governing body or the North Tyneside Learning Trust. The Governing body has 3 core strategic functions:

  • Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction.
  • Holding the Headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and pupils.
  • Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent.

Ivy Road’s Governing body has 2 main committees: Standards (covering curriculum, pupil performance data etc.) and Resources (covering Finance, Staffing, Health & Safety and Safeguarding).

The full Governing body meet twice a term and each committee meets at least once a term.

Governor Roundup Newsletters:

Roundup – November 2017

The current membership is:

Governor / Associate Member Category Appointed by or Elected Term of Office
Start Date Expiry


Leigh Clark Co-opted GB 11/03/




Lindsay Davis Staff Staff 20/11/2015 19/11/2019
Rachel Green Co-opted GB 01/05/2017 30/04/2021
Sandra Hilton Co-opted GB 08/02/2018 07/02/2022
Andy Howorth

(Vice Chair)

Co-opted GB 12/11/2014 11/11/2018
Judith Knowles Parent Parents 24/04/2017 23/04/2021
Michelle Moss Parent Parents 15/10/2014 14/10/2018
Donna Murray Co-opted GB 19/05/2016 18/05/2020
Paul Quinn Local Authority LA 16/11/2016 15/11/2020
Susan Watts Head


Gill Wilson


Co-opted GB 09/02/2017 08/02/2021
Marie Sharman Clerk 25/09/2017 31/08/2030
Governors who have left in last year Left
Suky Drummond Co-opted GB 02/04/2014 20/11/2017
Lindsay Robertson Co-opted GB 19/05/2016 01/10/2017
Jennifer McCafferty Co-opted GB 02/04/2014 25/09/2017
Graeme Cochrane Foundation Trust 21/04/2015 25/09/2017

Pecuniary & Business Interests:

Governor / Associate Member Governance Role in any other Educational Establishment Any personal relationships with staff members in the school or within Governance structure Business & pecuniary Interests Indirect Interests
Leigh Clark None declared None declared Staff member None declared
Lindsay Davis None declared None declared Staff member None declared
Rachel Green None declared None declared Self-employed as Therapeutic Social Worker None declared
Sandra Hilton None declared None declared Health & Care Professions Council None declared
Andy Howorth

(Vice Chair)

None declared None declared None declared None declared
Judith Knowles None declared None declared None declared None declared
Michelle Moss None declared None declared None declared None declared
Donna Murray None declared None declared None declared None declared
Paul Quinn Longbenton High & Holystone Primary Married to Moira Banks – NT EYSIS & OFTED inspector None declared Head Teacher of LHS
Susan Watts None declared None declared Head Teacher None declared
Gill Wilson


Churchill Community College None declared Proprietor of Generation Training and Development – deliver training to schools, Early Years, practitioners & parents. None declared

Attendance 2016 – 2017

Governor / Associate Member Full Governing Body Meetings


Committee Meetings



Standards 2 of 3

Resources 2 of 3

Aut out of 2 Spr

out of 2

Sum out of 2 Std Res other
Leigh Clark 2 2 1 5of5 NA
Graeme Cochrane 0 1 0 NA 0of3
Lindsay Davis 1 1 2 4of5 NA
Suky Drummond 2 2 2 NA 2of3
Rachel Green NA NA 1 NA NA
Andy Howorth

(Vice Chair)

2 1 2 NA 3of3
Judith Knowles NA NA 2 NA NA
Jennifer McCafferty 1 2 0 1of5 NA
Michelle Moss 2 2 2 4of5 NA
Donna Murray 2 2 2 NA 2of3
Paul Quinn 1 2 2 NA 2of3
Lindsay Robertson 2 1 2 4of5 NA
Susan Watts 2 2 2 5of5 3of3
Gill Wilson


NA 1 2 2of5 NA
Chair of Standards Committee: Judith Knowles

Chair of Resources Committee: Paul Quinn

Read about our Governors via the link below:

Pen Portraits for Governors at Ivy Road

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