Sing Up Silver Award

October 15th, 2018

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We are extremely proud to have received our Sing Up Silver Award.

Extract from letter sent to school:


Your Silver Sing Up Award has been endorsed by Pamela McGahon and you’ve achieved your Silver Award!

Pamela McGahon gave the following feedback:

Dear Ivy Road Primary School

Many thanks for sending through all your evidence to support your Silver Award.

Congratulations, you have now achieved this.

I have made some further comments on your evidence which should help your further your singing journey. Your school provides lots of opportunities for all classes to sing more than twice a week and you have provided evidence showing how children share singing with their peers.

Great times table singing. Have you thought about introducing the Singing Playgrounds idea to your school, where the children can share singing outside at break times along with games? You can find examples on the sing up song bank. Singing Sid is a fantastic idea and makes a great display to refer to as well. Lovely singing for the Sing p 18 day. You can also think about recording the children and getting them to listen back with a critical ear and a list of criteria to look out for.

Great to see evidence of the children writing their favourite songs or songs they want to sing onto the whiteboard. Thanks you for these additional photos. Thank you for adding some evidence to show how your staff are supported to sing in the school, through Sing up and Charanga, via staff meetings and for sending in further videos of 2 different staff leading singing in assemblies.

Lots of great cross curriculum singing. Great to see your overview of singing across the school year which supports the seasonal and school themes as well as topics and wider curriculum.

Great to see the school has full support from SMT and Governors. Lots of evidence showing the school using singing and music to support the school development plan.

Great to see the school regularly singing together as a whole and that the children experience singing in the community and especially in care homes.

Once again, than you for all your hard work. It has been fantastic to hear about some great examples of singing from your school.

Congratulations once again on achieving Silver.


Pamela McGahon, Sing Up Awards Endorser

All the best,
Sing Up

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