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The Bay Foodbank is a local charity set up to provide emergency food provision to families experiencing a financial crisis.  If you require some help you can contact them at [email protected]

If your family would benefit from a food parcel purchased with support from Greggs Foundation, please do not hesitate to contact school on 07419213974 to arrange collection.

Government guidance about home learning:


Home learning resources:



Home Learning Wellbeing

Primary Wellbeing challenge pack 2020-1

Outdoor learning ideas:

Outdoor learning

Internet safety:


Talk4writing link:



KS2 –  https://www.talk4writing.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/The-Cloud-Swing.pdf

Reading at home:


Do you have any Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler books on your bookshelves?
All 10 of Scholastics home learning packs on these popular stories absolutely FREE – an incredible selection of fun activities to do with your children alongside the books!

KS1 Reading at home:

Reading at Home

How to grow a rainbow:

Growing a rainbow

Please see the link below for some lovely music activities:




North Tyneside edugames:




edugames 2020 5 a Day week 4

edugames 2020 5 a Day week 5

edugames 2020 5 a Day week 6

PE and Sport:




Little Buds



Little buds home learning



Nursery Old woman who swallowed a fly – Week 4

Nursery Gruffalo’s Child Week 3

Nursery Gruffalo Week 2

Nursery Gruffalo Week 1

Gruffalo Pairs Game



Reception week 4

Reception week 3

Reception week 2

Reception week 1

Core vocab words


Year 1

Homelearning Y1 18.5.20

Y1 minibeast Challenges

Home learning Y1 11.5.20

Hungry caterpillar reading comprehension


Year 2

Y2 Go Wild Activites – Week 4

Y2 Go Wild Challenges – Week 3

Y2 Go Wild Challenges – Week 2

Y2 Go Wild Challenges – Week 1

Active Mile Bingo

Year 2 – Common Exception words

Year 2 Phonics – Phase 6 alternative spelling ‘j’

Year 2 Phonics – Phase 6 alternative spelling ‘z’

Year 2 Phonics – Phase 6 possessive apostrophe’s

Year 2 Phonics – Phase 6 Soft ‘c’

Some useful links for year 2…

Please see below a link to a Year 2 Talk4writing resource:


Some useful websites:


Year 3

Y3 Home learning w.b 18.05

Add Lengths

Add Lengths (2)

Weather Symbols Sheet

Rainforest Weather Forecast Word Mat

Subtract Lengths

Y3 Home learning w.b. 11.05.20

Animal Fact File Activity

Animal Fact File PowerPoint

Animals of the Amazon Rainforest KS2 Facts Worksheet

Flextangle Instructions

Mapping Out the Amazon Rainforest

Rainforest Calling Differentiated Reading Comprehension Activity

Rainforest Flextangle

Rainforest maths

Rainforest Potoo Bird Reading Comprehension Activity

Y3 Rainforest Challenges

Y3 NC Word List

200 additional high frequency words

High frequency word mat

Maths – Estimating and Measuring

Maths – Measuring in Millimetres

Maths – Measuring in Mixed Units

Maths – Estimating and Measuring Lines

Some useful links for year 3…









Year 4

Home learning Y4 18.5.20

Home learning Y4 11.05.20

Year 4 Home learning- Summer term


Year 5/6

Miss Taylor Year 56 18.05.20

Mr Pease Year 56 18.05.20

Activity Sheet The Circulatory System Reading Comprehension

Functions of the Circulatory System Information Sheet LA – Black and White

Functions of the Circulatory System Information Sheet MA and HA

Summer festival

Crack the Code Four-Quadrant Coordinates

Reflecting Shapes in four quadrants

Reflections Stormzy Reading Comprehension


Miss Taylor Year 56 11.05.20

Mr Pease Year 56 11.05.20

Snowflake Coordinates

Translation Treasure Hunt Game

Emoji Coordinates

Helicopter Coordinates

VE Day Comprehension

British Empire map

Human Rights Learning Map

Word Mat 5

Word Mat 6

HL Booklet 56 Miss Taylor

HL Booklet 56 Mr Pease

Y56 Miss Taylor Extra Maths Challenge Booklet

Y56 Mr Pease Extra Maths Challenge Booklet

Spelling Activity Ideas

Year 5 Summer 1 Spellings

Year 5 Summer 2 Spellings

Year 6 Summer 1 Spellings

Year 6 Summer 2 Spellings

Year 5 and 6 Statutory Spellings

Word maps

What if challenges


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